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How does the Group’s

sustainability strategy align with

the Group’s key performance


Our sustainability strategy is

fundamental to the way we

approach and manage our

operations. While our strategy

has a clear financial focus,

we acknowledge that our

stakeholders are also interested

in our social and environmental

performance. Add to that,

legislation in many parts of our

business are putting increased

emphasis on carbon footprint

and emission reductions.

In order to ensure the success

of our operations now and in

the future, we need to maintain

our licence to operate, foster an

engaged, healthy and productive

workforce, and enhance our local

surroundings by cultivating our

relationships with our partners

and communities, and by

protecting and rehabilitating the


How is the Group Sustainability

Committee organised?

Our sustainability initiatives are

coordinated primarily by Group

Corporate Services and Group





Engineering Departments at

Head Office and they have

representatives that sit as

members of the Group

Sustainability Committee.

Team members from

these 2 departments are


for developing the

sustainability reporting

formats, data collation,

supporting and advising

(including training)

all business units on

the development,

implementation of any

improvement/efficiency projects

and reviewing the progress

thereof. During the year under

review, our divisions have also

established sustainability working

groups which today consists of

more than 34 colleagues in total

whose role

is to assess, measure and report

the sustainability performance

of their respective operations.

Clearly, this is only the beginning!




Encik Rezal Zain Abdul Rashid, Chairman of Group

Sustainability Committee answers questions on the

Group’s commitment to sustainability.

What’s your role in the

sustainability process?

Together with my colleagues

on the Group Sustainability

Committee, I lead the goal-

setting/baseline process. That

means we review, consider and

set the material issues, direction

and key focus areas, and ensure

we are on the right track from

an environmental and business

perspective. We are regularly

consulted and provide guidance



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