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This Report

We are pleased to

present you FimaCorp’s

first standalone

Sustainability Report.


ima’s 3 key performance

objectives are to grow revenue,

provide solid returns on

capital employed and strong cash

generation. In achieving these

objectives, the Group takes into

account stakeholder expectations, its

responsibility to the environment and

the communities in which it operates,

to ensure the sustainability and

long-term prosperity of the Group.

We remain focused on managing our

long-term sustainability to:

Reduce the environmental footprint

of our operations

by managing

our supply chain in consideration

of community and environmental


Undertake responsible business


through good governance,

resource and operational efficiency

and being accountable for our


Support the development, growth

and safety

of our employees and the

communities we operate in.

Reporting What Matters

Shareholders would note that in the

last few years the Group had begun

to formally monitor and report on

the data relevant and material to

these matters. We are on a journey

to fully implement processes of

data collection and management

throughout the Group that will

provide information relevant to

material and strategic issues to make

our reporting process aligned with

global best practices. Material topics

are identified and prioritised from a

combination of stakeholder inputs,

engagements with various teams

from within the Group, regulations

and guidelines, sustainability trends

as well as peer reports. This process

is more fully described on page 18 of

this Report.

This Report provides information

on the sustainability issues assessed

as material to the Group and how

we are presently addressing them.

This Sustainability Report has been

prepared in accordance with Global

Reporting Initiative (“GRI”): Core

Option and based on data for the

financial year ended 31 March 2019

(“FYE2019”) unless otherwise stated.

This Report also reflect changes and

trends in our operating environment,

risks and opportunities that could

affect our value creation process

and the Group’s strategic objectives

across the economic, environment

Fima Corporation Berhad